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TMSPS - TrackMania Server Plugin System

TMSPS is a .Net based plugin system for the trackmania nations forever dedicated server.

See it in action:
Current Progress:
  • All RPC Methods are implemented type safe
  • All Callbacks are implemented as type safe events
  • ChatBot Plugin
  • IdleKick Plugin
  • NameProtectionBot Plugin
  • KickUnrankedPlayer Plugin
  • TMX-Plugin (add tracks from ingame and retrieve information of it)
  • Clock Plugin
  • Static UI Plugin
  • Checkpoint Plugin
  • Admin Player Plugin (NextMap, Restart Map, Kick Sepcs, Kick, Guest, Ignore, Ban, Blacklist, ForeceSpectator, BanList-UI, IgnoreList-UI, GuestList-UI, BlackList-UI)
  • Spectator Plugin (command for getting a list of spectator & commmand for kicking all spectators)
  • Dedimania Plugin (record List UI, Best Dedi UI)
  • Live Rankings UI
  • Track Karma UI
  • Donation Plugin
  • Restart Plugin
  • Competition Plugin
  • Local Records Plugin (SQL-Database + FlatFile-DB (Beta), UI - PB, RecordList, Best local)
  • Podium Screen widgets (HoursPlayed, MostTop3RaceResults, MostTop3Records, TopWinners, TopRankings)

  • MySQL support for LocalRecords
  • a lot more... ;)

Contributors are welcome!!! Please help me :)

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